Department of Agronomy has been established during 2011. It has well developed lab and lab equipments. The lab is equipped with irrigation and water management equipments (weirs, parshall flumes, Raingun irrigation system, Orifice, ‘V’ notch etc.), field instruments (Hi-tech sprayer, power sprayer, battery operated sprayer), Soil moisture estimation instruments (tensiometer, Rapid moisture meter, Digital soil thermometer, Soil moisture sensor, soil auger), PAR sensor, Handheld chlorophyll meter, Vernier caliper etc.. Department has 16 acres of farm land where students are involved in crop production and experimental techniques courses. The Department has Agrometeorology unit to record different weather parameters.


Sl No.NameDesignationMobile No.Email id
1Dr. Ganajaxi MathProfessor  &
2Dr. ShivamurthyAssistant  
3Dr. Priya P.  Assistant

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) courses

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