Field Facilities

SNDepartmentArea in HectareDescription
1Agronomy8.00Conduct of Practical crop production and experimental techniques in agricultural research for UG students and Scientists
2Agricultural Engineering8.00Farm research methodologies like levelling, field bunds, and other engineering in-situ soil moisture  conservation models
3Genetics and Plant Breeding2.00Raise different field crops to teach floral biology, selfing and crossing techniques in major crops, basic aspects of hybrid seed production and for conducting farm trials.
4Soil Science and  Agricultural Chemistry2.00Technology demonstration and experimental plots
5Agricultural Entomology2.00Pest Management Studies, Raising of Mulberry Nursery  and Technology demonstration and experimental plots
6Plant Pathology2.00Disease  Management demonstration and experimental plots
7Horticulture10.00Dry land Horticulture studies and Nursery for seedling raising and their management
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