The College has separate hostels for boys and girls.The boys hostel has the capacity to accommodate 120 students with 30 rooms. In each room four boys can be accommodated. The various facilities available are separate mess consisting of kitchen, dinning hall and store room, water purification unit with a capacity to purify 200lt/hour, solar unit for hot water and lightening, multi gym hall with advanced 16 stations Multi Gym Unit, TV hall, study room and open air theatre.

            There is a dispensary unit at boys hostel premises. College vehicle is being used for the emergency medical help and for the purchase of materials for the hostel. There are two helpers for carrying daily cleaning work in the hostel. One care taker is exclusively employed for the purpose of monitoring, maintaining accounts and for overall supervision.

The new girls hostel was inaugurated during 2016-17 which has 75 rooms with an accommodation capacity of 150. In each room, two students are accommodated.  The hostel has office room for Warden, mini gym, reading room and TV hall. There is a separate kitchen hall, where 80 students can dine at a time. The other facilities available in the hostel are water purification unit, geezer, solar unit for hot water and lightening. Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities are made available to the students in the hostel premises. The outdoor sports facilities include kho-kho ground, volley ball and throw ball court. The indoor sports facilities are chess and carom.

For day to day management of hostel one helper, one care taker, one cleaner and three helpers for mess are employed. All the hostel accounts are managed by care taker and overall supervision of the hostel is done by chief warden of the hostel.

Boys Hostel

Ladies Hostel

Chief Warden
Dr.R Veeranna Asst  Professor, Department of Entomology Mob:919845225988  
Girls Hostel:   Dr. Vinutha  C. Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry Mob: 919743047088  
Boys Hostel:   Dr. Noor Nawaz  A. S. Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology Mob: 9739003353  
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