The College of Agriculture Hanumanamatti started the National Service Scheme during 2011-12 and it is functioning till date with the following sole objectives to understand the community in which they work.

  1. Understand themselves in relation to their community
  2. identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving
  3. develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  4. utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
  5. develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  6. gain skills in mobilising community participation
  7. acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
  8. develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and
  9. practise national integration and social harmony

            As part of NSS regular activities every week volunteers are involved in cleaning of College premises, hostels and play ground through removing obnoxious weeds through Shramadhana. Weeds eradication programs such as parthenium, lantana, Cassia tora etc. are carried as and when there is emergence of weed menace. Additionally, collection of used plastic of all nature, papers/glass bottles, pieces of glass etc. In this regard awareness is inculcated in their minds about minimal use of plastics and use of eco-friendly materials as alternates.

            Similarly, we have adopted village in the campus vicinity for creating awareness among the villagers too. The operations such as cleaning of drainages, water tank, temple and streets, village dust bins etc. are carried out involving some village volunteers. At the end of semester special NSS camp involving volunteers is being conducted. The various activities like Yoga, Shramadhana, group discussion, quiz and cultural activates are taken up. Also the special lectures are arranged by inviting the experts on various subjects such as Science and Technology, economic growth, social values, ethics and morale values, patriotism to NSS Volunteers.

National Yoga Day

National Service Scheme (NSS)

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