Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry

The Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the College of Agriculture, Hanumanamatti is one of the oldest major departments to start along with the establishment of the College itself in 2011. The courses offered in the Department are related to study the fundamental and genesis of soils, problematic soils (acid soil, saline soil, sodic soil and saline sodic soils) and their management, manure, fertilizers and soil fertility management, agrochemicals, soil, water, plant, fertilizer and manure testing. The practical classes are conducted to impart the knowledge of soil testing for physico-chemical properties and nutrient estimation in soil, plant and manures


Sl NoNameDesignationMob.Noe-mail ID
1Dr. Vijaya kumar C.  Assistant  
2Dr. Punitha B.C.Assistant  

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1SAC 101Fundamentals of Soil Science2+1
2SAC 202Problematic Soils and Their Management1+1
3SAC 301Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management2+1
4SAC 311Agrochemicals1+1
5AEL 404Soil, Plant, Water, Fertilizers and Manure Testing0 + 10
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