Plant Physiology

Department of Plant Physiology is primarily focused on teaching Under Graduate and Diploma (Agriculture) students since 2011. Plant Physiology laboratory has explored the linkages between physiology, adaptation, nutrition, and performance in different crop plant systems. Understanding the pattern of physiological development in plants to climate change and Physiology adaptations are the key research activities. External funded collaborative research includes bioefficacy and phototoxic of various herbicides and plant growth regulators by various private firms for understanding the plant potentiality. Department facilitates Masters degree students in study of root architecture, patterning and pyramiding for drought adaptive traits in crop plants. 


Sl NoNameDesignationMob.Noe-mail ID
1Dr. Kiran B.OAssistant

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1PPH 101Fundamentals of Crop Physiology (2+1)
2PPH 301Applied Plant Physiology and Crop Modeling(1+1)
3302Fundamentals of Nano technology in Agriculture (1+0)
4DCPH 101Fundamentals of Crop Physiology (0+1)
5FBT 102Tree Physiology (2+1)
6ENS 302Environmental Science and Disaster Management (1+1)
7FOR 101Introduction to Forestry (1+1)
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