The Department of Horticulture was established along with the establisment of college of Agriculture, during September 2011. This is one of the major departments in the college of Agriculture, Hanumanamatti. Right now, two Professors with several years of experience are working in the department of horticulture. For under graduate students, the department is offering five courses like Fundamentals of Horticulture, Production technology for vegetable and spices, Production technology for ornamental crops, medicinal,  aromatic plants and landscaping, Post harvest management and value addition of to fruits and vegetables and Production technology for fruits and plantation crops. All the aforesaid courses are with 1+1 credits and one more course ie. Agricultural Experiential Learning (AEL) with 0+10 credits. During Agricultural Experiential Learning programme the students themselves have to take up  production of different vegetable crops, flower crops, grafting techniques in different fruit plants ( hands on training) and garden establishment. The benefit obtained during AEL course is distributed among the students. The students earn while learning in the college inaddition to gaining the knowledge of diffent techniques in crop production

The department also has instructional farms on mango, sapota, goose berry, tamarind, guava, custard apple, apple, jack fruit, sweet orange, rose apple, avocado, jamun, lime and macademia nut. This gives larger exposure of students to different crops and their varieties. This department has innovative teaching aids like soft boards. For value addition of different fruits and vegetables the students were given thorough trainng. The suitable equpments are utilized for conducting practical classes. 


Sl NoNameDesignationMob.Noe-mail ID
1Dr. Ganapathi T.  Professor and Head9480019067ganapathimohan@gmail.com
2Dr. P. Babu  Professor9448179621babup@uasd.in

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1HRT 101Fundamentals of Horticulture2 ( 1+1 )
2HRT 201Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices2 ( 1+1 )
3HRT 202Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, Medicinal & Aromatic plants and Landscaping2 ( 1+1 )
4HRT 301Producation Technology for Fruits and Plantation Crops2 ( 1+1 )
5HRT 302Post-Harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruts and Vegetables2 ( 1+1 )
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