Students’ Placements

The course structure of the programme consists of wide range of subjects such as languages, basic sciences, social science, agricultural and allied aspects, physical education, NSS etc., The students are given wide exposures in the form of field visits, industrial visits, state and all India tour. The students also undergo Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) wherein students exclusively stay in village for about eight to tweleve weeks and participate in all the farming activities with contact famers (five farmers/student). Students undergo experimential learning course in the subject of their interest wherein they are made to learn the each and every aspects of commercializable technologies and produce and sell specific products which are agriculturally important such as biofertilizers, biopesticides, seed production of important varieties, production of propagating materials of horticultural crops. These exposures make the students more competent and are employable in various sectors like agricultural departments, banks, co-operative socities, administrative services, seed, fertizer and pesticide industries and other public and private organisations.

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