SNDepartment/ LaboratoryCapacity (Number)Facilities available
1Genetics and Plant Breeding30Green/white board, Charts on various aspects of Genetics & Cytogenetics, molecular biology lab equipments.
2Agricultural Engineering55Survey instruments,  Solar energy instruments, Farm machinery instruments
3Plant Pathology60Laminar airflow, Microscopes, Autoclave, Fridge, Glass wares, Computer with LCD, BOD incubator, Weighing balance, Heater
4Agricultural Entomology50Insect cabinet boxes, Insect nets, mounting boards, Insect display board, dissection tables, wet preservation boxes, LCD projector
5Agronomy30Irrigation water measurement equipments, Weeds fixtures, Hot air oven, Implements models, Seeds and fertilizer samples
6Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry25Lab Furniture’s, Working tables, generator
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